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We provide skill-based ICT infrastructure integration along with leading technology companies in the areas of Surveillance, Video Management, Analytics, Access Control & Perimeter Security and Fire Safety & Building Management Solution.

We aim to be the preferred integrator for new generation building infrastructure.



Separate Audio, Video and Data solutions



IP everywhere allows more integrated A/V/D applications

Voice is adding data,

web is adding video,

video is adding data

Converged Collaboration

Identity based collaboration becomes integral part of enterprise applications

Collaboration starts in application or using IM or IP phone

Audio, Video or Data added as needed

We have alliance with top notch technology partners in the
of safety & security along with IP based complete ELV solutions.

Complete IP based ELV network design, testing, installation

and commissioning of all the building blocks of said network.

Site Survey
Preparing Technical
Maintenance & Servicing of the IP ELV Infrastructure
Integration of Multi Solution as Per Enterprise Need
Bill of
Installation & Implementation of
All Parts of Solution
Cost &
Deployment of the Solution with Respective Technology Partners

IP based surveillance network

Access control solution for enterprise

Video Management Solution

Video Analytics

Integration of multiple services

Physical security solutions

Server based solution required for software based video management

Fire Alarm solution (Detection)

IP based ELV Solution

We have worked extensively and invested our resources building upon our expertise for a complete IP based ELV solution. This is coupled with more than two decades of Sigma-Byte experience in Copper, Fiber and other Eco system solutions.


A solution designed to meet the needs of customers in Enterprise, Data centers, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and more as Safety & Security along with Eco-system solution has become a necessary solution for any organization.


With more than two decades of experience, Sigma Byte is of firm opinion that Integration of all the solutions under one physical layer is going to be the necessity going forward and has thus, started building IP based ELV practice considering in mind the futuristic requirement.

Sigma Byte Solution Offerings:

Planning and Design of IP based ELV network that includes:

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