We believe that with growing demand, sociability, long term robust infrastructure and mandate to meet regulatory compliance's of TRAI (minimum broadband internet speed) and NBC it is indeed required that telecom and FTTx infrastructure within gated communities are built on capex model like other utilities. The ever-growing demand for high bandwidth applications has created opportunities that seem boundless.

Builders must find a way to enhance backbone capacity while optimizing the cost with an eye on balancing between CAPEX and OPEX. Through strategic alliances we are able provide just the answer to this and empower our customers with the ability to build and enhance connectivity.


Considering and taking into account the distinctive needs of private networks of all types, from small enterprises to large corporations, educational and luxurious high-rise towers and villa campuses, our portfolio of solutions and services addresses every need in this domain. Working with our partners our solutions cater to each type of network; through wireless broadband Point-to-Point solutions we can provide future proof back haul that is simpler, more cost effective, and easier to implement and manage than other alternatives.

Equipped by our extensive experience in FTTx architectures, we offer a complete portfolio of state-of-the-art FTTx products including PON, or active electronics, as well as end-to-end passive infrastructure.

FTTx Products

Planning and Design of FTTx Networks

Deployment of FTTx Networks

Installation and Configuration of aggregator switch, ONT’s And OLT’s

Seamless Integration of Services like Wireless Solutions, IBS, Surveillance and Security Solutions over FTTH Networks

CATV / RF Video

Termination, splicing, Mid Cable Access (mid span) Splicing,

We have worked extensively and invested our resources building upon our OSP fiber expertise of more than two decades onto Fiber To The Home Systems.   

A solution designed to meet the needs of residential developers and builders seeking to integrate FTTH and other technologies within apartments / gated Communities, complexes.


Complete network design, testing, installation and commissioning of the FTTH network.



GPON consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) at a central point which interfaces to the aggregate and through optical splitter's connect number of Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) at the end point (Customer Premise Equipment CPE) to deliver services to the end subscriber.

The process includes:

Site Survey

Preparing technical reports

Cost / design optimisation

Deployment of the solution with a dedicated team and professionals certified by FTTH Council (Fiber Optic Broadband Association) CFHP

FTTH and GPON Solutions

Maintenance and servicing of the FTTH infrastructure

Designing, building, operating and maintaining Wi-Fi networks

Integrating the ISP services layer onto the FTTH network

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